International Air Hostess Training

The Course Profile Is Designed To Provide Cabin Crew/ Air Hostess Members With The Knowledge About Aviation. A Concentrated, This Course Focuses On The Important Aspects of The Cabin Crew/ Air Hostess Role, Delivering Exceptional Service and Exceeding Clients’ Expectations.

Students Will Learn Essential Tips On How To Maintain Professional Style and Look As The Exclusive Make-Up Lessons will Also Be Delivered During Cabin Crew Training. In Order To Gain Real Practical Experience of Cabin Crew, Some Parts of The Training Will Be Delivered On A Real Aircraft.

  • Course Name – International Air Hostess Training
  • Training Duration – 1 Year
  • Age Limit – Not More Then 27 Years
  • Training Location – Delhi Only
  • Education – Minimum Class 12th In Any Field
  • Training Fee – The Course Fees For The Entire Programme Is ₹ 1,75,000/ – That Students Can Pay In Different Easy Instalments Also.

The Course Is Divided In Such A Way That A Student Gets A Guaranteed Job Within 8-12 Months of Enrolment

Different Type of Practical Training Provided By Us For International Air Hostess Training Students.

During Training Time We Train The Candidates In Live Aircraft Also, During In-Flight Training We Train The Candidates For
  • In-Flight Services
  • In-Flight Announcements
  • Safety Demonstration
  • Cockpit Overview
  • About Aircraft Parts & Emergency Equipment Familiarization
  • In-Flight Sales Management – Selling Skills 
It Accommodates Both Main Door & Over Wing Exit In One Modular Structure, Fitted With Passenger Seats and Overhead Stowage Bins With Oxygen Drop Down Mask. The Bespoke Instructor Operating Station (IOS) Controls All Door Malfunctions i.e.
  • Door Jam
  • Control Handle Jam
  • Power Assist Failure
  • Auto Inflation Failure
  • Total Inflation Failure etc.
We Conduct Water Landing And Sea Survival Training In A Swimming Pool, Using Life Vests And Rafts Similar To Those Installed In The Airlines Own Fleet. Practical Training And Actual Handling Of The Emergency Equipment Covers The Elements Like Water Survival And Practical Water Survival Including Raft.
  • Use of Flotation Devices In Water
  • Use of Life Raft In Water
  • Entry Into Water
  • Donning Life Jackets
  • Rescue And Assistance In Water
  • Manoeuvring In Water With Life Jacket
  • Principles of Survival
  • Survival Equipment
  • Use of Life Rafts & Slide Rafts
  • Search & Rescue
Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainers (CEETs) Provide A Comprehensive And Flexible Solution To The Training of Cabin Crew In Safety and Emergency Procedures (SEP) As Required By The Airline Through An Immersed Cabin Environment For Flight Attendants And Other Airline Crew With These Cabin Simulators.
  • Door and Emergency Exit Operation That Helps Develop Realistic Training For Cabin Crew
  • Emergency Evacuation Procedures
  • Scenario Based Training
  • Pilot Incapacitation
  • Secure Cockpit Procedures Which Improves Service Training
  • Cabin Communications With Various Training Devices
  • Aircraft Cabin Systems
  • Helps Improve Emergency Procedures & Emergency Evacuation
Internship Will Be Provided In Aviation, Travel, Hospitality, Retail & Customer Service Industry. Duration of Internship Depends Upon Candidates Knowledge, Skills & Performance During Training Time Its In Between 3 to 6 Months. Why Industrial Training Is Important.
  • Get Exposure
  • Enhance Your Network
  • Get Updated
  • Confidence To Interact
  • Better Job Opportunities

Through Scenario-Based Exercises, Cabin Attendants Acquire The Knowledge and Skills Necessary To Efficiently Manage Any Situation, Routine Or Emergency.

For The Students The Practical Training Provides An Opportunity To Learn Important Skills Which Will Help In Becoming A Professional of The Future.

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